A Citizens’ Communication Network

Reframe America is a community-wide effort to return progressive values like empathy and cooperation to their rightful place at the center of our public debate.

Reframe America was founded by George Lakoff, the leading global expert on framing and political language and author of many books including the best-selling Don’t Think of an Elephant, and political strategist Antonia Scatton.

Why a progressive citizens’ communication network? To change the public debate, we need network of people who want to speak out and effectively communicate what progressive values are, why they hold them, and why progressive values are the most basic of American values. This needs to be done day in and day out, all over America, regardless of election cycles.

For decades, conservatives have trained and deployed tens of thousands of conservative spokespeople across America. That is how they have come to dominate the public debate. Reframe America will change that.

Reframe America will work with leading progressive voices and organizations to unify around the core values and over-arching ideas which are common to most if not all of our policies and positions.

Reframe America will help people understand how to frame their own issues and policies in terms of these larger, common progressive values, and then coordinate community wide campaigns to plant these values into the public debate.

This is the strategy that conservatives have used to take over our public debate. They have mastered the art of connecting every single issue to their core ideas, like the free-market and the demonization of government and taxes. This is the strategy we will use to beat them at their own game.

With the right approach, we don’t have to remain powerless victims of conservative domination of the public debate. We can act together to change it.

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